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Blue Compass Consortium

The Consortium is a collection of innovators across cutting-edge technology companies, university research and development centers, incubators, and accelerators. The Consortium seeks to respond to a variety of Federal Government requirements for solving hard problems, primarily through Other Transactional Award (OTA) contracts. We are made up of a variety of technology specialists within the Information Technology (IT) industry, and led by a Board of Directors comprised of Blue Compass executives, industry leaders, and Consortium members.

What the Consortium Does

The Consortium provides prototyping services, quick proof-of-concepts, and advisory services from our vast panel of experts to the Federal Government. The Federal Government can request for technical prototypes based on distilled Government requirements, and the Consortium can respond by working independently, cooperatively, or through internal Consortium competition.

How the Consortium Works

Consortium members develop prototypes and proof-of-concepts using the Agile methodology, borrowing heavily from Lean Startup and Scaled Agiled Framework (SAFe) principles. All member organizations provide feedback on solicited requirements responsively and coordinate within the Consortium to share information and organizational strengths. For an administrative annual fee, the Consortium gains access to the ever-changing Government priorities and given an opportunity to participate in building solutions where they may not have had prior entry. Consortium members are also given unique opportunities to work with other product vendors to create proof-of-concepts for the purposes of learning or entertaining possible teaming arrangements.

Why You Should Join the Consortium

In addition to being part of Consortium efforts to respond to Government OTA awards, Consortium members receive the benefit of membership services in the form of internal Consortium training offerings. By promoting networking events and offering cross-organizational information sharing, Consortium members have the option to learn from the Consortium collaborators, as well as add to the collection of knowledge.

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