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Customer Focused | Performance Driven

Our Core Values

Lead with Integrity

Our reputation is important to us and we want people to remember Blue Compass as trusted partners. “Blue” denotes trustworthiness. “Compass” represents the advice, solutions, and guidance we offer when people are at a decision milestone and need to select a direction or path.

Strive for Excellence

We expect the best out of each other so that our clients and partners get the best out of us. Quality products and services are important to us.

Advocate for the Customer

We campaign for the customer and encourage our customers to gain empathy for their customers. Without the customer insight, IT has no purpose and we always want purpose.

Learn in Every Environment

We always have something to learn and approach every situation with a learning attitude. As a result, we improve ourselves and others around us.

Help Others in Our Community

Other than helping our clients and business partners achieve their goals, we also help the community around us. As a corporate goal, we conduct one pro-bono project per year, having to do with customer experience, digital strategy, or IT strategy.

Live with Purpose and Enjoyment

We are fun-chasers because we want to have fun in the work we do.

We deliver and perform with a purpose, but accidental discovery often leads to great innovation.

Who we are

We are a team of individual contributors and leaders that bring diverse experiences and expertise in engineering, creative design, and critical thinking to help our customers improve their business. We blend strategy and analytics with customer insights, design and creativity to help federal government and commercial customers discover, implement, and improve products and services. We provide customers with the best possible experience, while tackling some of the toughest problems and delivering tangible results.

What we do


Strategy is extremely important, it provides the vision, purpose, and direction for an organization. We believe that a strategy should provide “just enough” documentation to help steer the tactical activities.


Technology is not just about the tools, it’s about the resulting improvement to a client’s products or services. We provide expertise in architecture, systems engineering, and software development.


Design is not just about graphics, it’s about intentional planning. Design activities will confirm understanding of concepts, will guide the technical build, and will facilitate the discovery of innovative new experiences. Design activities are extremely important especially in a multidisciplinary team.

How we do it


Define and ask specific business questions, or make specific business observations.

Gain Empathy

Gain customer empathy and insights to truly understand mission and customer needs.


Understand the problem set and brainstorm solutions using customer insights and the team’s intellectual power.


Understand the constraints and conduct feasibility analysis.


Rapidly prototype and visualize the idea.


Develop strategies, implement new policies and processes, or deploy performance improving technology solutions.